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VOLVO Quarter Mile Times

On this day: 03-22-1983

The origins of the Hummer

The Pentagon awards a production contract worth more than $1 billion to AM General Corporation to develop 55,000 High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWV). The Humvee was designed to transport troops and cargo, the wide, rugged vehicles entered the spotlight when they were used by the American military during the 1989 invasion of Panama and the Persian Gulf War in the early 1990s. In 1992, a civilian version of the Humvee, known as the Hummer, went on sale. The hulking, attention-grabbing road warrior tipped the scales at some 10,000 pounds and got less than 10 miles per gallon. It was an early hit with Hollywood celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, who went on to own a fleet of Hummers. General Motors purchased the rights from AM General to market and distribute the Hummer. In 2002, the Hummer H2, a smaller (some 8,600 pounds), less expensive version of the original model, debuted. The Hummer H3, an even smaller (5,800 pounds), more fuel-efficient (16 to 20 miles per gallon) vehicle, was released. The following year, GM ended production of the original Hummer, due to low sales. GM later announced that as part of a reorganization plan it would sell the Hummer brand to a Chinese machinery company.

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Yearmakemodel0-601/4 mileComment
2011VolvoS60 T6 AWD5.50014.100Car & Driver
2011Volvo S60 T6 AWD5.50014.100Road & Track
2010VolvoXC606.80015.300Truck Trend
2010VolvoS60T6AWD6.00014.500Car & Driver
2008VolvoV707.30015.600Road & Track
2007VolvoC30 Version2.06.50014.900Road & Track
2007VolvoC707.50015.700Road & Track
2007VolvoS80 V8 AWD5.60014.200Road & Track
2005VolvoXC90 V87.10015.500motorweek.org
2004VolvoS60 R5.80014.400motorweek.org
2004VolvoV70R6.06014.430(MT Aug '03)
2002VolvoS60 AWD7.40015.700motorweek.org
2001VolvoV70 XC (Cross Country)8.50016.500motorweek.org
2000VolvoV40 Wagon6.50015.000motorweek.org
2000VolvoS40 Sedan6.50015.000motorweek.org
1998VolvoS70 T56.40014.900
Yearmakemodel0-601/4 mileComment
1998VolvoV70 XC7.80015.900
1996Volvo850 GLT8.80016.600
1996Volvo850 R6.90015.300
1995Volvo850 T-5R6.60015.000
1994Volvo850 Turbo Sedan7.10015.300
1994Volvo850 Sportwagon Turbo7.40015.500
1993Volvo850 GLT9.40017.300
1992Volvo850 GLT9.10016.600
1992Volvo940 SE9.20017.000
1992Volvo940 Turbo8.90016.800
1990Volvo740 Turbo Wagon7.80016.100
1989Volvo740 GLE (auto)9.60017.200
1986Volvo740 Turbo Wagon8.40016.600
1985VolvoGLT Wagon10.10017.500
1984Volvo760 GLE12.30018.600
1982VolvoGLT Turbo10.20017.400
1980VolvoBertone Coupe11.70018.400
1976Volvo245 DL15.50019.900
1975Volvo164 E12.10019.300
1975Volvo242 GL16.20019.900