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The Obama factor

MyQTRMile takes an in depth look into what some are saying is “automotive socialism”. Just what is the leader of the free world and Americas 44th President up too these days.

(AP) President Obama plans to propose the first-ever national emission limits for cars and trucks as well as average mileage requirements of 35.5 miles per gallon by 2016 -- all costing consumers an extra $1,300 per vehicle. Obama´s plan couples for the first time pollution reduction from vehicle tailpipes with increased efficiency on the road. It would save 1.8 billion barrels of oil through 2016 and would be the environmental equivalent to taking 177 million cars off the road, senior administration officials said Monday night. The plan also would effectively end a feud between automakers and statehouses over emission standards -- with the states coming out on top but the automakers getting a single national standard and more time to make the changes. The plan still must clear regulatory hurdles at the Environmental Protection Agency and the Transportation Department. The administration officials spoke on the condition of anonymity because the formal announcement by Obama was scheduled for Tuesday. New vehicles would be 30 percent cleaner and more fuel efficient by the end of the program, according to officials familiar with the administration´s discussions. Administration officials said consumers were going to pay an extra $700 for mileage standards that had already been approved. The comprehensive Obama plan would add another $600 to the price of a vehicle, a senior administration official said. The extra miles would come at roughly a 5 percent increase each year. By the time the plan takes full effect, at the end of 2016, new vehicles would cost an extra $1,300.

MyQTRMile explains what this plan ultimately means to all of us?

What will this auto plan evolve into? It will immediately tack a few hundred dollars onto the price of each new car purchased, and around $1,300 (or more) by 2016.

Hey, I thought the American auto industry is in dire straits? Can they really afford this? Our federal government continues to blindly throw money at these companies to keep them afloat, and then that same government turns around to do ridiculous things like this. Does the President REALLY think this will improve sales? Car and oil companies already have to deal with enough through "green" fees that they then pass onto the consumer... What about those who need to purchase a car? So much for that extra 10 bucks a week from the stimulus! The auto bailouts were supposed boost sales and prevent bankruptcy. Well, that didn´t work. The auto bailouts were supposed to keep American companies within our borders... GM is now begging China to start helping them with inexpensive production.

What else does his plan entail? It will eventually force all cars and trucks to meet the average mileage requirements of 35.5 miles per gallon by 2016!! THAT MEANS... If you want a new car 7 or more years from now, you will likely be forced into driving some tuna can like the Smart Car.

"For years," he said, "while foreign competitors were investing in more fuel-efficient technology for their vehicles, American automakers were spending their time investing in bigger, faster cars....Here in Detroit, three giants of American industry are hemorrhaging jobs and profits as foreign competitors answer the rising global demand for fuel-efficient cars....The need to drastically change our energy policy is no longer a debatable proposition. “It is not a question of whether, but how; not a question of if, but when. For the sake of our security, our economy, our jobs and our planet, the age of oil must end in our time." These are the words of President Barrack Hussein Obama

La Times reports: "´Hybrid Car Sales go from 60 to 0 at breakneck speed´ -- The gas-electric vehicles are piling up on dealers´ lots as anxiety over gasoline prices evaporates. But more hybrid models are on the way. The Ford and Honda hybrids due out this month are among dozens planned for the coming years as automakers try to meet new fuel-efficiency standards and please politicians overseeing the industry´s multibillion-dollar bailout." Nobody´s buying them people! Nobody wants them! The manufacturers are making them in droves to satisfy Obama! The Prius is supported by the Toyota Tundra and the whole Lexus division ´cause it loses money.

One could make a serious case in regards to the ever fluctuating prices we pay at the pump.

Let’s just say for one minute that fuel is controlled by our elected officials. What better way to support your ideas of making us all drive little rice burning death traps than to raise fuel costs. So let’s force those that do not know how to manage their money and those that choose to spend it elsewhere into investing in a new fuel efficient car. Hmmm…yes that just might work, who cares about what that has done to the trucking industry, the transportation of produce or parcel service to name a just a few. Oh wait it’s OPEC or The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. This group is made up of twelve states who are Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Libya, Algeria, Nigeria, Angola, Venezuela and Ecuador.